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VisHealth’s Trade and Sales Academy

VisHealth’s Trade and Sales Academy

VisHealth is a Belgrade based international trade company embarked on a mission to become a leading source of cutting - edge products for personal hygiene and beauty and healthcare, as well as pet hygiene for healthcare centers and distributors across Europe.

The 21st century is a time of rapid technological developments around the globe. VisHealth chose to be in the midst of things by spearheading the exchange of new inspiring ideas, breakthrough inventions and unrivaled products between Asia, America and Europe. Currently VisHealth is championing various products from the fields of healthcare, personal hygiene and beauty as well as pet hygiene.

In order to achieve our mission we have assembled energetic, resourceful and experienced Sales Teams. We are heavily investing in acquiring and developing new talents. That is why we have started the VisHealth’s Trade and Sales Academy.

By being part of our Academy you will experience what it means to be on the forefront of international exchange of goods and services in the 21st century. By working with our sales and key accounting professionals you will learn all of the precious necessary skills that will make you a great sales specialist. In VisHealth you will learn how to stay ever curious and harness your passion, imagination and initiative. Together with us you will develop your networking and communication skills, situational and emotional intelligence, and multitasking abilities.

We expect members of our Trade and Sales Academy to:

- be at least 3rd year of the studies;

- to study Faculty of Economy, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, or Faculty of Political Sciences or any other faculty of social studies;

- have great knowledge of spoken and written English;

- be enthusiastic about improving analytical skills;

- show confidence, enthusiasm to learn and desire to constantly self-improve;

- possess ability to adapt to different cultural backgrounds, situations and collaborate across different roles;

- be willing to spend at least 4 hours a day at our offices;

If you are willing to join our team and learn from our sales and key accounting professionals we will:

- provide you with hands on experience of working in sales industry;

- give you unlimited access and insights into all aspects of sales and distribution sectors;

- provide you with the certificate of the completion of professional praxis and letter of recommendation;

- offer you to stay with our company as a full time employee if both parties are satisfied;


We hope that your hunger for new knowledge and hands - on working experience in the international trade company will drive you to apply for our Trade and Sales Academy.


Apply now by sending your CV to office@vishealth.rs.